Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disable random Port number for Visual Studio while running ASP.NET application

I guess most of you guys might have come accross this problem.

By default, the Visual Studio/ Visual Web Developer runs on random port number while running the ASP.NET website/application/webservices.

This is very frustrating specially if you are using a firewall.

I had come across this problem, as i wanted to publish RSS feeds and i dont have server( i use localhost) and the port number changes on starting a different instance of Visual Studio.

We can disable this by following steps:

1)click on the website on solution explorer.

2)in properties section of the website
---> select "use dynamic ports: false"
--->Then specify any 4 digit number of your choice(a valid number)
--->save your setting....thats all.....

From now on all the website runs only on this particular port while running the web application.

have fun..................

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