Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oracle+= Sun;

According to internet sources, Oracle is buying the SUN for a staggering $7.4 billion.

Years ago, in a blog i read a critic saying that he does not trust JAVA and its future because, its a product of the SUN microsystems not IBM. He said he will be happy if IBM took over SUN. I was like, if it would happen it would be the biggest takeover in the history(for me atleast, in terms of tech czars - microsoft, sun, ibm, oracle, sap, etc). There were news that SUN was in trouble(financially) and many developers, critics, analysts saying that SUN was not able to monetize java ( ).

Few weeks ago i was very happy for Java, because there were talks of IBM taking over SUN. IBM has always been a supporter of Linux and OPEN-SOURCE movement. Such a move, would benefit the open source enthusiasts.

But for now, i am really suprised as Oracle is taking over SUN Microsystems not IBM. Im no high tech market analyst but, i have read in many blogs that Oracle planned such a move to optimize Oracle for the Solaris OS. There must be an uproar in the open source community in this deal.

Oracle does recommend Solaris as its most preferred OS to run its DB, but i really doubt its future as an OS because most of the Unix market is being taken over by Linux.

Now in the high tech world, 3 powerful war-lords exist, competing against each other.

1) Microsoft.
2) IBM.
3) Oracle.

Now, we must wait and see how Oracle integrates technologies of SUN into its mainstream.

The developer community are closely watching this deal on the following terms:
  • How Oracle would treat Java (the crown jewel of Sun microsystems).
  • How Oracle would take on MySQL (most popular of the open source alternatives to Oracle Database (the main product of Oracle Corporation).
  • On future of OpenOffice??
  • Oracle`s take on Sun Hardware ( its market is dying, as people are opting for IBM`s low priced servers. This market also consists of Dell Servers, HP Servers). With Oracle now selling hardware/servers , will strain their relationship with HP !!
  • whats the Future of "Netbeans IDE"? Oracle has always supported Eclipse. I believe Netbeans would die out soon or Oracle will optimize NetBeans IDE to compete more fiercely against Eclipse IDE ( most preferred JAVA IDE).
  • Oracle`s take on SUN`s promise of opening (open source) up its entire software stack?? I believe that Oracle would not go ahead with this.
Many analysts say that Post Takeover of SUN by the Oracle corporation, existing hardware division employees would be more safer than the software division employees (Oracle has no hardware presence, so Oracle would like build on it. We could see some drastic changes in the software arena at SUN as Oracle would mould SUN`s software division policies/ideologies according to its existing software policies).

As on for now, all of the developers, market analysts wait closely watching the outcome of this deal. I pray to god, that this deal would spell some on the other good for the developer community.

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