Monday, April 13, 2009

your own rss feeds !!!!

hi guys......

this is rahul.

the following is a small tutorial to build your own rss feeds.

ive faced many problems in looking out for building rss feeds, so finally decided to post my own article on building rss feeds for dummies novice( like me)

RSS stands for (Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)).

it is an simple summary of the site updates in text format.

the following is an rss feed from a firefox 3 browser(a bbc rss feed of world news updates)

he drop down list is the list of updates, the site wants us to check out.

lets come down to the basic syntax of a rss file.

basically the rss feed exists in a XML file (generally in a file called rss.xml).

the rss file contains the tags of

the following is an example of a rss.xml file

-> the rss tag marks the beginning and ending of the rss feed.

-> the channel tag specifies the beginning and ending of the channel.

-> the title tag specifies the title name to be displayed for a particular link

-> the link tag specifies the particular link to a url.

-> the description tag specifies the description of a particular link .

there are many more tags in the rss file, but most of them are not required(FOR A SIMPLE RSS FEED)

write the above rss structure in your rss.xml file(change it as per your requirements) and place it in the context root of your website.

try accessing the rss.xml file through the URL, and then add the bookmark prompted by your
firefox 3 browser(or firefox 2+, IE 7).

one can write a java code/php code/asp code to update the rss file from data fetched from the database, the rss file then keeps on changing, so does the links displayed according to the structure in the rss file.

now you are done with your own rss feed.

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