Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Microsoft Windows is not bad as we think: filename length restriction in Windows XP

The other day i was busy backing up important data in windows xp manually.....

I was using a x86 machine running a Windows XP SP3....... i was copying data saved on a different hard disk to my new machine (probably a windows xp but older version).

I noticed a flaw while trying to modify data in a folder. I could not copy a file from a hard disk. The length of the path of the folder (address bar in the explorer window) was very lengthy and windows would not allow me to copy it saying the length of the file is too long.

I then checked out the filename length(it was 254, may it has restrictions on file length of 255 or 256)......

The thing to notice here is at first how did the previous OS agree to copy the file with that filename length?? Now, while copying it back in the new OS reveals that Microsoft has fixed that problem..... That is why it kept giving me error message asking me to limit the file length size.

i thought writing this in my blog would be good reminding me that this bug existed before in previous windows of XP.....

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