Thursday, February 10, 2011

ONE Infinite LOOP: Knowledge(){Knowledge();}

Hi all! This is not a technical article that I'm blogging about. Its been a while since I've been a Research Assistant at WVU and my quest for knowledge is only at its beginning stages I believe.

One of the most recent subjects that have smitten me are Pattern Recognition. Even though its been all about statistics (which happens to be one of the most boring and tough subjects that I've taken), I am slowly liking it.

Looks like every problem in the world can quantized (into math), can be computed using the principles of probability and statistics into a theory/statement/knowledge. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance programming and computing, Life Sciences are rooted in math and statistics in some way.

Hopefully my quest for knowledge leads to better future. I am reminded of the famous quote by Plato "Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow". Keeping my spirits high  and looking forward to life with a positive attitude!!

Rahul Kavi.

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  1. The thirst for knowledge cant be quenched easily.. According to the Bible, "He who has knowledge, is always in excellent spirits".

    Good Luck!!