Saturday, March 12, 2011

Human Computer Interaction redefined through Computer Vision

Computer Vision technologies are redefining the way we interact with computers. Microsoft Kinect has generated more hype for things it can do with a PC than the games we can play on it with Xbox. Like the one shown in this video, many fun Kinect applications are yet to come. 

With Microsoft releasing Kinect SDK, the possibilities are infinite. Fit cameras everywhere in your home and you have a smart home.

Android mobile phones such as Motorola Droid Bionic, Atrix 4G have biometric sensors that can sense and validate fingerprints (an Image Processing application, vaguely related to computer vision).

Computer Vision is being increasingly built into Operating Systems.

Computer Vision is increasingly assisting drivers in driving and parking lot:
  • Many applications with respect to driving mentioned here.
  • Google's self driving cars. Where I believe uses sensors, lasers and obstacle detections techniques of computer vision (using some kind of Haar classifier or a SVM ) coupled with sensing techniques with Google Maps navigation technology ( a Computer Vision, Image Processing Application available on the web).

  • Computer Vision and Face recognition can as well be built into cars which can recognize drivers and prevent Car Theft.
  • I have developed a simple to use personal Free Parking lot Finder coupled with a Android App (further developments is in the works with increased accuracy)
Computer Vision is one of the pillars of Robotics and Photograhy. 
  • Vision plays a very important role on how Robots interact with their environment including Object Recognition, Target Tracking. Human Computer Interaction, etc. 
  • Willow Garage is making significant strides in this field with its PR2 robot. 
  • An interesting review of the social implications of Human Robot interaction through Robot Vision Gaze has been studied here.
  • Face detection in digital cameras.
  • Image stitching features in digital cameras.
  • 3D scene reconstruction with using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping).

Computer Vision is increasing changing the way we live and how we interact with computers. Still a long way to go for the benefit of humanity.

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