Thursday, June 16, 2011

MIX on Android @ WVU

Here is how I configured MIX (Mountaineer Information eXpress) mail on my android:

Update: Now that MIX and Master-ID are renamed as My-ID, just enter My-ID details and you will be good.

Go to email app, add a new account. While configuring the account, leave the default settings except for the following:

  1. Name is as MIX (or whatever you want)
  2. username is <your_id> and password is <your_password>
  3. Incoming mail settings, server is "" with appropriate security settings.
  4. Outgoing mail settings, username is <your_id> and password is <your_password>
  5. Outgoing mail settings, server is "" and security as SSL.

There are no articles on the web suggesting the same (except for suggestions on forums), so I've decided to write this article.

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