Sunday, June 19, 2011

A review on "OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook"

I got a chance to review this book last week. This book is for those who are interested in learning Image Processing/Computer Vision programming in C++.

The thing that differentiates this book from the original book written by Researchers at Willow Garage (maintainer of OpenCV) is that this book mainly concentrates on the programming paradigm in C++.

The book "OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook" is for those who want to get started quickly on programming with OpenCV. All the syntax is in C++ and thats a positive point as most of the programming in Industry is done using C++.

This book shows how to extensively use C++ for simple/common tasks required for daily tasks in Computer Vision/Image Processing.

There are sections on "Scanning an image with iterators", "Filtering Images with low pass filters", Segmentation of the image, Fundamental Matrix, Computing Homography, etc.

These can be considered as the sections which were not properly covered in the original "Learning OpenCV" book and yet they are very commonly used.

There is a Chapter on "Processing Images with Classes" which I think many may find useful.

Sections like "How it works" try to explain whats really going on and stuff.

Overall, this can be considered as a really good book to get started with OpenCV programming.

However, there are only two points about this book that dissapoint me.

  • One, there is no proper coverage of Machine Learning algorithms feature of OpenCV (including adaboost, d-trees, clustering, classification etc). 
  • Two, there is no mention of python API of OpenCV. It is important because many people have increasingly started using Python to quickly test their algorithms in OpenCV rather than coding completely in Matlab which is different programming language/environment. 

I can consider this a "Must Buy" as there have been lots of changes in API to OpenCV over the past few years which are not covered by any other book presently available in the market as of now.

You can buy it at the official Packt publishers website.

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