Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interesting Papers in Distributed Camera Networks

I have read these papers published in the field Camera Networks recently (which I found interesting):

  1. Distributed Coordination for Fast Iterative Optimization in Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks: Proposed algorithm talks about how wireless sensors come to consensus on an issue in a Fast manner. How does this compare to other methods. (optimzation problem).
  2. Distributed Multi-Target Tracking In A Self-Configuring Camera Network: Talks about a modified Distributed Kalman filter that is used for tracking in Smart Cameras.
  3. Programming Support for Distributed Optimization and Control in Cyber-Physical Systems: Talks about issues regarding programming support for distributed shared memory architecture.
  4. Scalable Target Coverage in Smart Camera Networks: With only Pan changing in a PTZ camera, talks about Camera Coverage problem (which is an optimization problem). Talks about impact of proposed algorithm with changes in density of sensors/cameras, number of targets, etc.

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