Sunday, January 27, 2013

Machine Learning on Coursera

Late last year, I finished Andrew Ng's course on Machine Learning in It was absolutely wonderful. I have learnt a lot from that course. I got a perfect score of 100%.

Finally, I overcame the procrastination to learn to program in Matlab/Octave effectively. I felt very comfortable in dealing with Octave. Previously, I thought Octave had very less features compared to Matlab. It is kind of true. But, you could manage writing code that could solve complex problems without spending much money on a Matlab License.

Andrew Ng has been absolutely phenomenal in explaining complex problems clearly. The new stuff that I learnt was:
  1. Logistic Regression.
  2. Neural Nets.
  3. Support Vector Machines.
  4. Debugging Machine Learning problems.
  5. Know how(theory) of using certain optimization algorithms on Map-Reduce.
My background in Pattern Recognition did definitely help in it. I was working in a related area of research, it helped in finishing my Master's Thesis too! Now I'm pretty confident on taking on any ML problem/assignment.

Now, I have time to complete other interesting courses such as Probabilistic Graphical Models and Neural Networks for ML.

Thanks Dr. Andrew Ng and Thank you Coursera!

And yeah, this my certificate.