Thursday, January 30, 2014

setting up Ad-hoc network in Ubuntu 12.04 or Debian

I had a hard time looking for setting up an Ad-hoc network. This post explains to setup an ad-hoc network in one of the most easiest ways.

The basic idea behind setting this up is, set up an ad-hoc network on your both (or more) computers individually and let them talk (or ping) to each other.

One needs to understand that ad-hoc network is different from a WiFi hotspot. Also you need to be patient while one computer pings another.

You will have to do the following in both(or more, replace the ip addresses) of the computers
In first computer (copy paste the following text), you give the network name and other important details for the interface that you are configuring ad-hoc for.
Similarly, in second computer
Now back in ther terminal do the following:

ifup command is a very useful command.

That's all. You adhoc network is now setup. Now to be sure if everything is okay, you could do the following:

Now, all is left is to ping first computer from second computer (or vice-versa) to make sure that everything works well.
Now have some patience wait for some time till they ping each other
Once the network is established (at least once), the further attempts to reconnect (in case of a disconnect) will be much faster.


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