Saturday, August 1, 2015

Winners of NASA Centennial Challenge: Sample Return Robot (2015)

I had a fun time at WPI (Massachusetts). I was a part of the team (WVU Mountaineers) competing at the NASA Sample Robot Return Challenge (2015). The task was to design an Autonomous Robot detect and pick up objects (of interest) in a large 20 acre field (navigating without GPS, WiFi, etc).

Here is a video about it:

Cataglyphis (our robot)

I was on the computer vision team ( 2 person team). I designed the machine learning and object recognition module.

The WVU Mountaineers

We used ROS, OpenCV, Sklearn for the computer vision module.

We won and stood first in the competition. We won $100,000 for our efforts.

The WVU Mountaineers
You can check out more details here.

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