Dev Libraries

The following are list of popular Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits for use in Development ** WHICH I HAVE COME ACROSS ** :

NOTE: All of them are available on all platforms.

General Libraries:

  1. C++ Boost Libraries
Free Computer Vision, Augumented Reality Libraries, Toolkits:
  1. OpenCV: Computer Vision Library (C++,C,Python)
  2. OpenNI: Computer Vision API for use with Kinect like sensors
  3. Augumented Reality Toolkit for Android Phones (by Qualcomm)
  4. ARToolkit: Open Augumented Reality Toolkit (C++)
  5. EHCI: Free Head Tracking Library 
  6. CvBlob: C/C++ Blob detection library
  7. FastCV: Qualcomm's Mobile optimized Computer Vision Library.

GUI Development: Python Wrapper:

  1. wxPython: Python GUI development
  2. PyGTK: Python GUI development
  3. PyQt: Python Binding of GUI Toolkit

Free PDF document development Library:

iText: Free PDF Library for Java, C#

Compiling, Source Building tools:
  1. Apache Ant: A tool for automating the process of building Java code (from source) 
  2. CMake:  Build Automation tool

Free Web Application building Frameworks and other Web Libraries:
  1. Django: A Python based Web Application Framework.
  2. libCurl (C/C++ lib) and cURL(command line tool) : A Command Line tool for transfer data over various protocols
  3. Apache Tomcat: A popular Java Servlet Container (also a Java based HTTP Server)
  4. XAMPP: Free opensource Web Server (based on Apache): PHP, Perl
  5. Joomla: Open Source Content Management System: PHP
  6. Drupal: Open Source Content Mangement System: PHP

Free JavaScript Frameworks:
  1. JQuery: Free JavaScript Framework
  2. Prototype: Free JavaScript Framework
  3. Free JavaScript Framework
  4. Yahoo! UI Library: JavaScript Framekwork
  5. Dojo Toolkit: JavaScript Library