Video Lectures and Talks

The following are one of the few cool video lectures and talks on Technical Topics and other interesting talks that I could find (and more yet to come) on Youtube and elsewhere.

Learn and spread the knowledge

General, Science Talks:
  1. TED Talks:
  2. Google Tech Talks:
  3. Free Science Lectures:
  1. Beginner Developer Learning Center (Microsoft Technologies):
  2. Advanced Python Programming
  3. Google Developers (new Google Technologies):
  4. Android, iPhone, Python Programming:
Math, Engineering Courses from top Universities, Web:
  1. Coursera:
  2. Udacity:
  3. Free Comp Science Lectures from top schools:
  4. Open Course Ware from MIT:
  5. Stanford Engineering Everywhere:
  6. Indian Institute of Techology(IITs) Engineering Videos:
  7. Basic Math, Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, etc:
  8. Machine Learning, Probability, etc: